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Zehnder Zenia

Zenia from the Zehnder Studio Collection is an electric towel warmer, towel dryer, infrared radiator and boost heater all-in-one – in the form of an integrated unit that perfectly blends into modern bathroom architecture thanks to its minimalist design.

Sleek & Contemporary

The revolutionary Zehnder Zenia thermal comfort unit supplies pleasant heat quickly and ensures ultimate comfort heating in your bathroom independently of the central heating system. At the same time you can dry and warm towels behind a visually appealing heated glass door.

Available in a white or black finish to seamlessly adhere to any living space. The Zenia is the perfect customisable radiator with personalised daily and weekly programmes available on the control app. Operating on an electric system, the Zenia has a low energy consumption for increased energy efficiency.

The Zenia is available in a height of 1000mm and 450mm in length, making it perfectly practical for your home.

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