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Zehnder Charleston in Technoline (Clear)

This ever popular and exciting finish exposes the manufacturing marks that occur in the production of the radiator. Part of this industrial appeal is the lack of uniformity and regularity, as each model will be slightly different and therefore unique. However, it's possible to identify some common effects, depending on the width or height of the radiator due to the different manufacturing techniques used.

Charleston technoline page

When considering the stock sizes of the Zehnder Charleston it's helpful to note the following;

Our floor mounted Charleston is 4 columns wide. Models stocked in the Technoline (Clear) finish are over 475mm high and will typically look as shown below. Note that the top of the radiator is quite uniform and light in colour.

Microsoft Teams image 152

For sizes outside of the stock range the following variations should be considered.

The manufacturing of the 3 column Charleston, equal or over 400mm in height, has now changed and the finish will look similar to that of the 4 column model.

Charleston technoline 3 column

For radiators under 400mm in height (excl feet), the column will have a strong appearance with darker welding marks near the top and bottom. Those equal or over 400mm in height (excl feet) will have a much lighter, more uniform appearance.

Charleston technoline welded

Whilst the above should help to give a guide to some of the varieties of the finish, we would advise that other difference could occur and that the beauty of this product is in its unique, industrial appearance. Please note: the finish is not suitable for bathrooms.