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Legal Policy

Zehnder Group Uk Limited

Registered Office
Zehnder Group UK Ltd
Concept House
Watchmoor Point
GU15 3AD

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Terms & Conditions - Business to Business (Zehnder Customers)

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Terms & Conditions - Business to Business (Zehnder Suppliers)

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Terms & Conditions - Business to Consumer Web Filter Shop

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Legal Notice

Thank you for your visit to this website and your interest in Zehnder products. All personal data collected on the website of Zehnder is saved, processed and, if necessary, provided to the Zehnder group companies exclusively to support you individually, to send you product information or to make you special offers. Zehnder guarantees that your information is handled confidentially in accordance with the valid data privacy regulations.

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Bribery Policy

Zehnder Group Supporting the UK Bribery Act (see link below to review the Bribery Act which came into force on 1 July 2011).

Zehnder Group UK Limited (company number 02296696) of Concept House, Watchmoor Point, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3AD (“ZGUK”) and its subsidiaries and parent company (together the “Zehnder Group”) acknowledge the new standards presented by the UK Bribery Act (the “Act”) requiring companies with UK operations to have adequate anti-bribery procedures in place wherever they operate.

ZGUK and the Zehnder Group support the act and are working to ensure that their anti-bribery and corruption procedures respond and comply with the standards arising from the Act. The Act affects ZGUK and its UK-registered group companies and all UK nationals, whether working in the UK or globally. The Act covers our officers, employees, consultants, representatives, agents and subsidiaries and in certain circumstances the Act applies to our suppliers and any joint ventures.

We believe Zehnder Group’s current compliance systems respond to the demands of the Act and outlines the fact that our safeguarding against bribery and corruption is a shared responsibility and is evident in the following areas:

  • systems and controls appropriate to counter bribery and corruption;
  • failure to prevent bribery;
  • risk management in joint ventures; and
  • gifts and entertainment.
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Zehnder Image Agreements

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