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Any size, any space.

Whether you need a curved radiator for a bay window or an angled radiator for the corner of your room, or perhaps a radiator with a mirror or bench to perch on, we have a special solution for your home.

Made to Measure

Zehnder radiators are very much part of the interior design planning process. Whether manufactured to a special size, angle or curve, our special radiator designs allow for a truly customised heating solution.

Radiators no longer need to be hidden. They can set the scene for a room design, adding to the ambience and becoming a central aesthetic element of the interior decor.

To add the perfect radiator to your home.

  • Find your favourite style from our Made to Measure range below
  • Select the height and width you need to fit the space perfectly and to achieve your desired heat output
  • Choose the colour, finish and valves to match your interior
  • Add your accessories including towel bars and hooks, making your radiator functional as well as stylish

If you'd like further information or guidance on our Made to Measure options, or our fully bespoke Engineered to Order options, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Zehnder M2 M Made to Measure Excelsior Zehnder M2 M Made to Measure

Engineered to Order (ETO)

The Zehnder Engineered to Order (ETO) range makes more of even the most awkward of spaces, offering unlimited options and countless opportunities.

  • Pick your space where you would like your radiator to go (e.g. lofts, stairways, around the pillar)
  • Contact your local Zehnder showroom to discuss your options
  • Agree shapes style and colour of your radiator for this to be designed manufactured and installed into your home
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Zehnder ETO Engineered to Order Zehnder ETO Engineered to Order Charleston Curved

Bay Window Radiators

One of the most popular bespoke radiator options we produce are those designed to fit perfectly in bay windows or tight corners that otherwise lay unused.

Creating a template for a bay window radiator is really easy and simple. You will need a tape measure, roll of paper, pen and scissors.

Watch our video guide for full instructions.

Zehnder Bay Window Template Example Zehnder bay Window Template Tools

Bespoke Radiator Enquiry Form

Provide some details below and we'll get in touch to discuss the various bespoke options available.