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Zehnder is a subsidiary of the Zehnder Group in Switzerland. As the leading indoor climate solutions specialist, the company has celebrated many industry firsts over its history.


Pioneering Spirit

The Zehnder story started in 1895, when Jakob Zehnder established a small workshop in Gränichen in Switzerland, marking the first page in a success story that the fourth generation of the Zehnder family continues to write to this day. Whether as a workshop or as the producer of the legendary “Zehnderli” light motorcycle, the name Zehnder has always been synonymous with innovation. Over the years, Zehnder has undergone an impressive process of change, reinventing itself in line with the times.

Zehnder Zehnderli Light Motorcycle Zehnder Light Motorcycle Poster


Revolutionising the indoor heating market In the 1930s the Zehnder brothers found their forte, designing and developing the world’s first ever steel tube radiator - The Zehnder Charleston - which quickly established its place on the market. Since then, the Charleston has played a leading role in the company’s success with continuous advances in the quality of production methods and technology keeping the Charleston multi-column at the forefront of the radiator market.

Zehnder Radiator Production History Zehnder Radiator Production History Multi Column


Innovation and Technology

The company didn’t stop at decorative radiators and the range has since expanded to include heating and cooling ceiling systems, comfortable indoor ventilation and clean air solutions. In 1979, Zehnder demonstrated its pioneering spirit once again, developing the first bathroom radiator. A year later (1980), Zehnder expanded its portfolio to include radiant ceiling panels.

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Global growth and industry expansion At the turn of the millennium, Zehnder joined the comfort ventilation business and in 2007 established a fourth business field with clean air solutions for industry, logistics and the food and beverage sectors.

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Our 125th anniversary is a proud moment in our history and an important opportunity to thank our people, business partners and customers. As we look forward to the next chapter, Zehnder will continue to pair passion with market leading knowledge to drive sustainable action in the indoor climate solutions arena.

Tony Twohig, Managing Director - Zehnder Group UK Ltd
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