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Zehnder Splash

The Zehnder Splash is the outcome of artistic inspiration associated with years of material research. This work of art is designed to entrance with both style and warmth.

Sleek & Contemporary

The decorative front surface of the Splash is made from CorianĀ®, whilst the substructure is made from expanded natural graphite. The stain resistant nature of CorianĀ® makes it easy to care for, ensuring that the beauty of the Splash will continue to enhance your living space. The sleek and contemporary design of the Splash mirrored by its finish, available in Corian Glacier White. The size specification of the Splash enables it to be the perfect piece for your living space, with a height of 1230mm and length of 750mm.

The Splash embodies sustainable elements as it operates on electric heating systems. The electric heating elements within the Splash are integrated within the graphite layer of the substructure, which ensures an efficient and even distribution of heat. The output of the Splash is 750 watts.

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