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Zehnder Chime

The athlete of the radiator world the Zehnder Chime - formerly known as the Bisque Chime - features a striking, self-assured design consisting of elegantly curved round tubes whose open side allows even very thick towels to be slid on as a convenient way of drying or warming them.

Hard-wearing Design

Chime from the Zehnder Studio Collection: the round design version made of hand-polished, high-quality stainless steel; can be installed with the open end on the left or right.

The stainless steel surface of the Chime means that it is hard-wearing and easy to clean, so ultimate practicality. The Chime is available in a variety of finishes so that you can find the perfect finish to align with your bathroom. Finishes include stainless steel mirror, brushed bronze, brushed brass, and volcanic. A variety of sizes are available, with heights up to 1760mm, and a length of 500mm.

The Chime can operate on electric or central heating systems, as well as being able to operate on a dual fuel option using the Supplementary Heater. The Chime has an outstanding output of up to 643w.

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