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Zehnder Arteplano

Simply a beauty. This decorative radiator, which was formerly known as the Bisque Arteplano, celebrates the perfection of material and surface by combining the latest heating technology with a truly contemporary design.

Practical Beauty

The Arteplano is both beautiful and practical. With a high output and short response time, this stylish radiator can heat rooms quickly and efficiently.

The large surface area of the Arteplano means that it will be a statement piece to any living space, with variety in sizes, with heights up to 1813mm, and lengths up to 1413mm. The Arteplano can be flawlessly integrated into any heating systems and is available to operate on electric and central heating systems.

This radiator can be a truly a unique piece for any home as it available in the full range of colours in the Zehnder colour chart, as well as being available in exclusive materials and surfaces. The Arteplano is available in a variety of finishes, including brushed bronze, mirror, anodised aluminium, etched brass, brushed black, and etched copper. Uniqueness is truly at the core of the Arteplano as no etched finish is ever the same.

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Zehnder Studio Collection Product Feature Arteplanosquare