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Zehnder Archibald

Formerly known as the Bisque Archibald, the Zehnder Archibald is the perfect practical bathroom accessory, warming and drying your towels and creating a pleasant, comfortable climate.

Seamless Design

Seamlessly formed from a single curved steel tube, the shape is as striking as the construction is unique. With Zehnder Archibald, designer Leo Salzedo has created a stylish and contemporary room feature that combines functionality with distinctive design.

The Zehnder Archibald is available in a variety of colours to ensure that you find the perfect colour to suit your bathroom. The colour matching is available to guide you through your colour match journey. Also available in a chrome finish. View Zehnder’s online colour chart to see the full range of available colours.

The Archibald allows you to be flexible with your heating choice, as it is available for operation on electric or central heating systems. The size specifications of the Archibald are practical, yet stylish. The Archibald is 1230mm in height and 525mm in length, and therefore will take up minimum space within your home.

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Zehnder Studio Collection Product Feature Archibald