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Zehnder Alban

Great for wet rooms and family bathrooms alike, the cantilevered rails of the Zehnder Alban - formerly known as the Bisque Alban - allows space for the plumpest of towels.

Exceptionally Functional

The Alban is available in a stainless steel mirror finish. The high-quality hand polished stainless steel surface ensures maximum hygiene through its easy clean surface. As this radiator can be installed with the rails to the right or left, you’ll always be able to find the right fit for your bathroom.

The Alban is available for operation on central heating or electric systems, meaning it can flawlessly work with your home system. Multiple heights are available, ranging from 1000mm to 1760mm, and a length of 500mm. The Alban is available in a range of outputs ranging from 200w to 417w.

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