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Colours & Finishes: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the new Zehnder Colour chart

Question: How do I select a gloss or matt finish for my radiator?

Answer: All gloss products are indicated in this colour chart with a diamond icon.
For example, if you choose to place an order which is Jet Black, this has a gloss finish as identified by the icon below.

To select a colour with a matt finish, simply locate a product that does not include the above icon and place the order using the final code. For example, to order your favourite radiator in Reseda Green in Matt, simply use the code 6211 as below.

Question: Can I order a product in gloss if it doesn’t have the diamond symbol?

Answer: Yes, this is possible, however as this is a finish outside of the Zehnder colour chart an RRP surcharge (in addition to the coloured price) of £330 (excluding VAT) is applied. You will also need to highlight the request for gloss when placing your order.

Question: What does the RAL code mean on the colour chart?

Answer: This code can be used to identify the exact colour of the paint used, making it easy to complement the colour of your radiator to other elements in the room.

Question: Are there additional costs for colours from the Zehnder Colour chart?

Answer: All colours in their standard finishes featured in the Zehnder colour chart incur a 25% surcharge.

Question: Can I have radiator made in a colour that is not in the Zehnder Colour Chart?

Answer: Colours (in the RAL and NCS colour ranges) and/or finishes which are not included in the Zehnder colour chart incur a RRP surcharge (in addition to the coloured price) of £330 (excluding VAT).

Question: Colour matching service

Answer: We are pleased to continue our colour matching service on a selected range of products. As with all colour matching services, every colour is unique meaning prices are only available on application. Please note: colour matching is only available on products that are stocked in white.

All we require is a sample of the colour you want and we can then advise the closest match. There will be a small charge (< £10) to organise each proof but you can then be happy you have the precise colour. Contact a member of our sales team for prices and lead times.

Question: Zehnder Blok, Zehnder Svelte & Zehnder Lissett in Champagne

Answer: Please note, both the Zehnder Blok, Zehnder Lissett & Zehnder Svelte ordered in Champagne (SAP10020) will differ in finish to the Champagne (0258) offered in the Zehnder Colour chart. Please contact us prior to placing an order for these products in a Champagne 0258 finish as this will be priced on application.